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Vision and Mission

Accquiring Education, new connotations and spanning wider dimensions, there is a wide spread recognition of the need to mould a new generation of students, a genre of well integrated personalities equipped with the spark of materialization and a will to conquer. To achieve this in highly competitive world and uncertain times, our founder, management members have come up with the vision of MAHESH PUBLIC SCHOOL to deliver quality education by the powerful tool of knowledge. Empowering a student with the wisdom to use his reason and his understanding.

The destiny of India is shaped in her schools. It therefore becomes the commitment of the school to fulfill the ambitions of the students and aspiration of the parents to make students confident, capable and courageous constituent of the world without losing the essence or compromising the ethos of the great Indian tradition. The school aims to inculcate 'Maryada', 'Paropkar' and 'Sadachar' in the students. To achieve this, school shall work in consonance with the views expressed by Lokmanya Tilak-"Education is the means by which we can tidy our minds, accquire information as well as a sense of value. It should give us not only general knowledge or technical skills but also impart us that bent of mind, that attitude of reason, spirit of democracy which will make us all responsible citizen of our country".

The colour of uniform also signifies the splendor of our Earth, the Alma Mater who bears the sharp nails of the plough and give new life to a speed. The desert colour uniform shows the vast horizon towards which we aim to reach and make a bright future of our students.


To Impart & promote education without any distinction of caste & creed, on sound lines of tradition, innovation, developing a broad and open- mind multi-dimensional outlook of life with a healthy sense of citizenship in the students and to disseminate sound ideas on Education among parents and people in general, infusing the spirits of service, sacrifice, self reliance, solidarity, fearlessness and nationalism.


The motto of the school is Duty, Devotion, Dedication, and Discipline to spread the knowledge and to spread the knowledge and to act upon it.

  • Confidence - in our abilities, opportunities and accomplishments.

  • Creativity - in our work, play and plans for the future.

  • Global Citizenship - in our thoughts, words, actions and deeds.

  • Independence - in our thinking and behaviour.

  • Leadership - in ourselves, our classrooms, school and community.

  • Peace - in our intent and interactions.

  • Respect - of ourselves, others and the world in which we live and play.

  • Trust - in our relationships and future.