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Payment Of Fee

The student must pay his/her fee during the specified period as mentioned by school from time to time. In case the student doesn't pay the fee during the specified time, late fee would be charged.

The monthly fee must be paid positively by or before 10th of every month or else late fees of Rs. 10 per day will be charged. If the payments of fees or other dues are delayed by more than a month, the name of the student would be struck off from the Register. Thereafter the name may be re-admission fee of Rs. 100/-. The payment of late fee and re-admission will not to be excused in any case.

Withdrawl :

Parents who intend to withdraw their child/children must give one month's written notice, if not then one month?s fees will be charged along with other dues pending against their name.

Parents may be asked to withdraw their ward(s) on grounds of irregularity in attendance, unauthorized prolonged absence from the school, indiscipline, unsatisfactory academic performances contagious diseases and non-payment of school fees.