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Chairperson Desk

Mr. Kailash Chand Modi

Mr. Kailash Chand Modi (Chairman)

We must remember that," nothing important is ever achieved without taking a chance in life". It was always in the that there should be a school in the state which aims at the synthesis of spirtual values and scientific achievements of both East and West, whose educational programme should have the concept of new standards & complate development, where the students aim at higher achievement and to prepare them for the competitive world of today. I feel immense pleasure to see that the school is progressing day by day. I hope that co-operation and best wishes of all the well wishers will always enlighten our path and guide us to make the aim flourshed.

Time is changing at such an accelerated pace that we face increasing challenges for the new generation. In this difficult environment, the school aims at, providing its students an all round value-oriented development of their mind and skills. This involves developing them as physically fit, mentally enterpring and spirtually aware of their duties as citizens of a great country. For I believe that :

" A man has three names, the name he inherited, the name his parents gave him and the name he marks of himself ".

We hope to faster an atmosphere, in which the students shall be confident to stand independently, taking their own decision, reach their own summits.